Wedding season is now all year long!

Summer may be over, but wedding season can be any time of year. Autumn weddings are gaining in popularity and with these ten advantages of an autumnal celebration, we can see why. Here are 10 reasons to opt for an autumn wedding.

1. You Won’t Be Reliant On The Weather

There is no doubting the benefits of a beautiful summer’s day, but can you guarantee perfect weather in the UK, even in August? At a summer wedding, you are more likely to make plans based on it being a warm summer’s day, which can leave you disappointed if things don’t go to plan. In contrast, when booking an autumn wedding you are prepared for whatever the weather may bring. Further, with the floor-to-ceiling windows at Chalk Barn, our wedding venue in Wiltshire, you can bring the outside in! Plus, if the day turns out to be a gloriously sunny one, then you can always make a few last-minute changes and include your photos and confetti toss outdoors. Autumn weather can offer you the best of both worlds. 

2. Beautiful Autumnal Photography

Autumn leaves are the perfect backdrop for beautiful wedding photos. There is no knowing what weather will be in store for your big day, but all options have the potential to take stunning photographs. From clear and crisp blue skies to dark and moody shots with the sun peeking through the clouds – autumn weather makes for the most beautiful imagery. Pick up umbrellas and dance in the rain – you’re guaranteed to get some unique and memorable shots!

3. Better Suited For Those Who Struggle In The Heat

While there is absolutely nothing better than marrying the love of your life under clear blue skies, a peak summer wedding might be a little warm for some guests – or yourselves, especially with unpredictable heatwaves the past few years. On the contrary, whilst autumn weddings can bring the ever-present British risk of grey skies and rain, you can say goodbye to sweaty foreheads and clammy suits. If you’re someone who hates getting too hot, an autumn wedding might be more up your street!

4. Kinder To Your Bank Balance

With ‘off-peak’ prices, an autumn wedding is the way to go if you are looking to reduce the budget for your big day. Whilst another way to reduce your wedding budget would be to opt for a midweek wedding in the summer, for many couples this is not a viable option. Utilising the autumn months can give you the ability to hold a weekend wedding when you otherwise would not be able to afford to. 

5. Increased Supplier Availability In Autumn

When booking a peak wedding, the race is on to secure the very best suppliers. Savvy couples can get around this by booking in advance, while other couples may not be very particular about their suppliers and don’t mind having fewer choices. However, if you are planning a wedding on a tight timeline or you’ve got your heart set on a specific supplier, then an autumn wedding can be a great advantage and prevent you from having to compromise. Outside of ‘wedding season’, many suppliers will have increased availability and may also offer their services at an ‘off-peak’ rate! 

6. Delicious and Warming Autumn Food

From Hampshire venison wellington to braised lamb shank, autumnal flavours are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. These flavours don’t need to be limited to your mains either – our truffle & wild mushroom tartlet is one of our most popular canapés and is complimented perfectly with a spiced cocktail. Plus, don’t forget comforting desserts like sticky toffee pudding or caramel and pecan cheesecake. Autumn offers beautifully rich and homely flavours, leaving your guests feeling cosy and satisfied. 

7.  Your Guests Will Thank You For It

In the summer months, many of your guests will find themselves invited to back-to-back weddings, leaving both their bank balance and social battery low. An autumn wedding not only gives your guests something to look forward to between summer and Christmas, but it will also be easier for them to schedule among their other plans. The summer is also the most popular time for your guests to take a trip, as the children are not in school – so by planning an autumn wedding you are ensuring maximum guest attendance.

8. Your Choice of Sensational Decor and Colours

If you did want the Pinterest wedding of your dreams, autumn is the only time to get married. Almost any theme will suit this time of year – whether you love a rustic look or a more modern and minimalist theme. With so many deep and warming tones of autumn to pull inspiration from, there are so many colours to suit your autumn wedding, including shades of greens, golds, oranges, purples and reds. These darker shades can also be more complimentary to all shapes, sizes and skin tones when you’re looking to find a bridesmaid dress to suit your entire bridal party, you won’t have anyone feeling washed out.

table decor at chalk barn
Moody and magical decor at Chalk Barn in Wiltshire

9. Darker Evenings Are The Perfect Way To Finish Your Day

We won’t deny loving a bright summer’s evening, sipping a sundowner and watching the children play. However, there is just something magical about a dark autumn wedding evening with your guests surrounding a fire pit and roasting marshmallows, wrapped up in cosy blankets. Fairy lights, lanterns and candles can help add a magical atmosphere to the venue. With twilight or darkness outside in the evening, once your band or DJ turns on their lights and the party starts, it’ll truly feel like you’re dancing the night away! As if that wasn’t enough, you could finish the best day of your life with a show-stopping firework display or a more modest sparkler send-off. 

10. The Autumn Honeymoon Is Worth It

Not only will you benefit from a more affordable honeymoon as your trip will fall outside of the school holidays, but you will have a more peaceful and relaxing time as the hotel guests will mostly be adults. Plus, it’s not all about the functional details – the options in autumn are incredible. For an October honeymoon, Fiji has a pleasant temperature and low humidity, or for the more adventurous couple why not head to Oktoberfest? Later into autumn is the perfect time to visit Morocco when the temperatures are more bearable, or head west to the Caribbean. Typically, the Caribbean experiences its hurricane season over the summer, with the best time to visit being November and December. For a shorter honeymoon, try a European city break and soak up some history. If that isn’t enough of a reason to book an autumn wedding, we don’t know what is!

If you feel an autumn wedding could be for you and you can’t stop dreaming of the delicious autumnal menus and candlelit dance floors, get in touch with Chalk Barn today. With views spanning our organic farmland surroundings and a gorgeous barn interior that you can truly make your own, our wedding venue in Wiltshire is the perfect place for an autumn wedding in the countryside. Get in touch today to start your wedding planning journey with Chalk Barn.