It’s definitely indoor season at Casterley Barn…

…which has been showing its conference credentials recently as we hosted the Organic Research Centre’s winter cereals workshop. Fifty top agriculturalists spent the day examining the benefits and challenges of organic multi-cropping, while Rachel and the Casterley team were able to really showcase the barn’s flexibility as an indoor space. We split the main floor into two areas for the conference sessions and the catering service, while our mezzanine room became an ideal breakout area for working groups.

 Winter Events at Casterley Barn

During the event, Rushall Organics was invited to present a speech and Joe talked about the farm’s history and some of the more modern innovations that it now employs. It was great to be able to look out at the beautiful farmland vista while hearing of its history. A nice moment for Casterley.

 Winter view across glorious Wiltshire

This week that same vista inspired a local firm of solicitors that dropped in for a meeting away from the office confines. In the meantime, it may be indoor season but we go on preparing for the other one. We’re building our outdoor ceremony space for summer weddings and planting some more trees at the rear of the barn to make things cosier. We’re also building more screens for the main hall and introducing some great new sofas for the bar. We may have to test those ourselves…

Sofa at casterley Events

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