If you’re reading this, chances are you’re about to plan your very first wedding – congratulations! Let’s get straight into it. Wedding decor, with its ever-evolving trends and styles, is like a whole new world. How do you create a celebration that’s both personal and fashion-forward? How do you choose between the myriad of options to ensure your day is both stylish and authentic – all whilst being sustainable/eco-friendly? This is the challenge faced by many couples as they begin their wedding planning journey, seeking to create a day that resonates with their personal story while aligning with wedding venue decor trends on Instagram and Pinterest. 

Thankfully for couples, wedding decor trends seem to be getting more and more diverse every year, with various decor styles that you can use to reflect your story and style. From bold, expressive colour palettes to the understated elegance of minimalist florals – any style can work if executed correctly! This guide aims to demystify these trends, offering insights into how you can integrate them seamlessly into your wedding at our Wiltshire wedding venue, Chalk Barn.

Three wedding venue decor trends we love for 2024

Bold use of colour for a statement wedding

For couples eager to make a striking impression on their special day, the trend of utilising bold colours in wedding décor is a match made in heaven! Envision entering your contemporary wedding venue where the vibrancy of summer is encapsulated in every detail – from the florals to the table settings.

This can be achieved through any colour or even a wider range of colours across a mixed colour palette for the ultimate bold and bright wedding aesthetic. These wedding decor trends ooze playfulness and creativity from the couple and are a great choice for extroverted, daring couples who love to go against the grain. 

Bold use of colour is a popular trend for 2024.
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For those not getting married in the summer, where bold yellows and pretty pinks can perfectly pop, the same effect can be had with vibrant oranges and deep reds as we move into the colder months. These colour palettes offer the same bold use of colour, but seamlessly blend into the aesthetic of an autumn/winter wedding. 

Hanging florals and eye-catching displays

Wedding décor is taking to the skies with the trend of hanging displays. This idea is about adding a special touch to your venue by suspending beautiful elements above. Think of soft, flowing fabrics or light floral arrangements draped from the ceiling. This creates a dreamlike, romantic setting, making your wedding feel like something out of a fairy tale. Hanging displays are great because they work with any wedding theme and add a touch of elegance. Picture walking into your venue and seeing delicate fabrics floating above, giving the whole place a cosy, inviting feel. 

Hanging florals and eye catching displays are a huge wedding trend for 2024 and 2025.
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Using these hanging elements is not only romantic but logical too, because it frees up space on the tables, making everything look neater and more open. It’s perfect for modern or minimalist venues where you want to keep things sleek but still have that wow factor. Hanging displays can be anything you’d like– from gentle drapes or standout fairylights for a magical feel, to a mix of flowers for a classic look. They’re all about making your wedding stand out and giving your guests something beautiful to remember. Whether you go for something subtle or bold, these hanging decorations are sure to make your big day even more special and will make for some epic shots. 

Minimalist, soft and neutral styling

This style is all about luxe with a hint of boho and is a wedding decor trend that is capturing the hearts of couples seeking elegance in simplicity. This style is all about the beauty of understatement, where neutral colours and soft finishes take centre stage. Imagine a palette of soft whites and gentle beiges, creating an ambience of calm and sophistication. This approach to styling focuses on the essentials, removing any unnecessary clutter to reveal a pure, serene setting.

Winter wedding themes for 2024
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The use of light, airy fabrics, subtle floral arrangements, and delicate lighting contributes to a sense of openness and tranquility. This minimalist approach is perfect for couples who appreciate the ‘less is more’ philosophy and want their love and commitment to shine through in a quiet, yet profoundly beautiful way. The result is a timeless and elegant setting that feels both intimate and inviting. 

Complementing this romantic look you could choose a darker tone to balance the aesthetic back out, particularly if your wedding is in the cooler months. However, all-neutral decor is just as on-trend and can look gorgeous in a minimalist barn venue like Chalk. 

A wedding as beautifully bespoke as you 

While wedding venue decor trends can be useful to refer to and be inspired by, at Chalk Barn we’re true believers that your wedding should be ‘beautifully bespoke, exclusively yours’ – and if that means not even glancing at what is ‘trending’ in the wedding industry, then that’s what we think you should do! 

Your day is all about you, it’s not for the purpose of Pinterest or Instagram and we’ll work closely with you to bring your vision to life. 

So whether you’d like to go full maximalist, themed, minimalist, romantic, rustic or a mix of all the above and more – go for it! We’ll help you make it happen for your special day. With 48-hours exclusive use at Chalk Barn, Wiltshire wedding venue, you can rest assured there is plenty of time to set up your wedding decor to reflect your personalities as a couple. Our team will help you every step of the way. Get in touch today.