Why two-day wedding venue hire should be standard

Your wedding day is often considered one of the best days of your life. Surrounded by your loved ones and meeting your partner for those special ‘I Do’s’, your wedding will certainly be something to remember. However everyone also knows that your wedding day, or in particular the lead-up to it, can be stressful. We’ve put together our tips on how to guarantee a stress-free wedding day.

As you might know if you’ve recently got engaged, the planning process can be a lot – a lot of expectation, pressure and feelings of overwhelm. This can culminate itself on the day itself, particularly if you’re running around from 5am onwards attempting to set up and get ready all at once.

That is why at Chalk Barn we offer our couples exclusive 48 hour access to our modern luxe wedding venue as standard. This allows all our couples the time to set up for their wedding in the afternoon before, and take down decor the morning after their wedding day. It’s a no brainer that 48 hours is better than 24, but we’ve detailed below exactly how you can benefit from that extra set up time the day before.

Luxury modern wedding venue in Wiltshire - Chalk Barn
Our modern luxury barn in Wiltshire allows you a blank canvas for your wedding day

Avoid the conveyor belt of wedding couples

At most wedding venues, you arrive as early as possible on the morning of your wedding day, ready to decorate and organise. You enter the doors expecting to see a blank canvas, but the couple from the night before are still there with their half dismantled centrepieces. 

Precious time is being wasted waiting for them to finish – and you might feel somewhat disturbed as this is supposed to be ‘your day’. You can’t help but watch the clock, calculating if you’ll have enough time to assemble your DIY photo wall before your make-up artist arrives. 

With an additional day before your wedding at Chalk, you can guarantee you aren’t going to bump into yesterday’s newlyweds rolling out of bed. Turn up to your venue at your leisure and have fun decorating just the two of you, or with the help of your family/wedding party. Make an occasion of it and have some stress-free fun!

A chilled wedding morning

The morning of your wedding day should revolve around you. Whether you want a lay-in, long bubble bath or extra time to get ready, the last thing you should be stressing about is venue decor. 

The beauty of having two-day hire at a wedding venue like Chalk Barn, is that when you wake up in the morning, you can take your time to get out of bed and start getting ready – no early starts! Leaving you all morning on your wedding day to do exactly what it is that you need to do to make your day special.

Joe and his daughter enjoying a summer morning at Chalk Barn
Spend time with loved ones while setting up on the morning of your wedding day

Back-up time for any mishaps

While everyone involved in your wedding setup will try their hardest to ensure things run smoothly, sometimes this isn’t the case – that’s life! Whether it’s a broken vase or a welcome sign left at home, things can often be left in the hustle and bustle of setting up your wedding day. Setting up on the morning of your wedding really is a race against time.

However, with two-day wedding venue hire as standard, you can feel confident that you have back-up time for any mishaps. The more time you have to get ready means the more time to fix these issues – no one wants to be sending the best man on a last minute dash to The White Company 2 hours before the ceremony!

Fall into bed at midnight

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, and yet at some venues you’re told that you need to take your decorations down at midnight! All you can picture is your (drunk) self, in your wedding dress and heels, up a ladder taking down the lighting and flowers. It is enough to make you want to cancel the whole thing. 

The Hide at Chalk Barn
Step into the luxurious comfort of The Hide, without worrying about your wedding day decorations

At Chalk Barn, the day after your wedding is another couples set up day ahead of their wedding. This means timing is more flexible as no one is hosting a wedding that day. You can drink and dance until you can’t feel your feet anymore and the tidying is tomorrows problem. Instead, you’ll fall into bed at midnight in the luxurious accommodation of The Hide at Chalk without any worries or faff.

You get to truly savour the moment

Your wedding day is full of excitement, joy and love, but it can also be incredibly demanding with you spinning multiple plates at once – particularly if you only have the one day on-site. With such a short amount of time at the venue, you might not get the opportunity to truly soak up all the details you had meticulously planned.

With two-day wedding venue hire, you’ll gain additional time before your wedding day and on your wedding morning. This will allow you to take a look at the aisle you’ll be walking down and the dance floor you’ll be spinning on, savouring all the finer details. 

Another perk is that you can spend the time with your loved ones. It’s well known that on your wedding day you are the centre of attention and all your guests want their time with you. Two-day hire as standard allows you time with your family getting set up, or perhaps you’ll take the time as a couple, enjoying quiet moments together before your family arrive. Either way, you’ll have the opportunity to truly enjoy every magical detail you planned.

Your wedding at Chalk Barn 

Two-day venue hire is included in our pricing as standard and we truly pride ourselves on offering this unique and luxury experience to our couples, allowing them the opportunity to soak up their magical day properly.

If you’re not already convinced on two-day venue hire then allow us to show you around our luxurious wedding venue in the Wilshire countryside. Set on a hill surrounded by views of farmland and the Westbury White Horse, Chalk Barn is the perfect barn venue for your modern luxe wedding day. 

Contact us to book a private viewing to explore our truly exceptional venue for yourself.