Spring might be our favourite season here at Chalk Barn. We have endured a long (and unusually wet) winter, so the change in temperature is welcomed with open arms! The wild flowers are slowly starting to bloom around us and this is also reflected in the flower choices selected by our Spring couples.

With so much inspiration around us in Spring, where do you start and which blooms are right for your Spring wedding? Together with some of our regular Wiltshire-based florists at Chalk Barn, we have created this guide on how to select your flowers for your Spring wedding.

Featuring insights from:

Kathryn at The Blossom Tree

Sara at My Flower Patch

Eleanor at Hibiscus and Hodge

What are some popular flowers that are in season during Spring for weddings?

It is important to try and use as many local and seasonal flowers in your wedding as possible, in order to make your wedding day more sustainable and cost-effective. Seasonal flowers in Spring are full of fragrance with a huge variety of colours and textures, making it easy to select local seasonal blooms for your wedding day. Kathryn at The Blossom Tree said that paperwhites are popular and are ‘said to represent purity, faithfulness, and respect’, which is just perfect for a wedding flower.

Tulips have to be one of the most popular flowers in Spring, from the humble tulip we all see at the supermarkets, to a lily-shaped tulip called Ballerina with an orange scent. Ranunculus are another stunning choice for a Spring wedding, with soft frilly petals in colours from whimsical blushes to more bold and vivid oranges and fuchsias.

Sara at My Flower Patch added, ‘sometimes if the wedding is timed just right, I can harvest forget-me-nots. What a perfectly named flower for a wedding. They have shorter stems but can be used in bud vases and smaller table arrangements’.

Daffodils are a symbol of Spring and can be stunning when used in weddings, with their variety of shades from bold yellows to gentle creams. ‘Daffodils are seen as the first sign of Spring and often represent new beginnings such as the start of marriage, while lilacs symbolise first love and also smell amazing!’ – Eleanor at Hibiscus and Hodge.

What are some colour schemes that work well for Spring weddings?

Many colour schemes work well for a Spring wedding- with so much choice in flowers it is possible to work with just about any colour theme that has meaning to a couple. A pastel colour palette is a classic choice for a Spring wedding, and perfect for making the most of the stunning colours we see coming through with Spring flowers.

White and green colour themes are a timeless choice which works well at any time of year. Sara at My Flower Patch said, ‘with all the tones and hues of white flowers that nature produces, it could never be boring’.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have seen a huge increase in couples opting for bolder pops of colours, either on their own or in combination with pastel tones. These bright jewel tones work well with the season, and often will be reflected in the fashion choices of your guests too.

What Spring wedding flowers trends will we see in 2024?

Naturally inspired ‘undone’ flowers and festival-style wedding flowers are increasing in popularity, Sara at My Flower Patch describes this as flowers that ‘look like they have just happened- whereas in fact it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to pull it off’. Kathryn at The Blossom Tree agrees, adding ‘more natural whimsical styles seem to be much more favourable and the daintiness of Spring florals emphasise this light airy feel’.

Coral tones are becoming more and more popular, and Eleanor at Hibiscus and Hodge told us that these colours contrasted with softer shades such as lavender, are a modern look chosen by many couples.

What do our florists love to see at Spring weddings?

Eleanor at Hibiscus and Hodge told us: ‘trestle tables with floral runners or vessels that tie in beautifully with coloured linen, glassware and candles are always a favourite. I love it when couples really focus on the tiny details with their styling as it really elevates a space. Additionally I love it when couples marry in front of a ceremony focal point such as an archway, floral columns or a floral walkway. It also means you get some beautiful ceremony photos.’

‘I am loving the footed bowls for table centres and meadow aisle displays; these are eco-friendly allowing florists to use new mechanics such as chicken wire and metal troughs – using fresh water as opposed to relying on floral foam.’ – Kathryn at The Blossom Tree.

Whereas Sara at My Flower Patch were unable to pick just one favourite set-up but a firm favourite addition had to be rosemary. ‘Rosemary is a herb I use almost all year round for weddings, as it signifies remembrance. And the scent of rosemary will remind you of your wedding day if it is used in your arrangements. The bonus of using it in the Spring is that it may be in flower, so you get the tiny soft blue flowers alongside the delicious aroma.’

When should you book your florist for a Spring wedding?

Flowers play such an important role in your wedding day, they are an opportunity to personalise your venue, add colour and beautiful scents to the day and to incorporate sentimental meaning. It is beneficial to get in touch with a florist once you have booked your venue, but as a guide we recommend you allow a year before your wedding date.

Your florist will take the time to consult with you to discuss different flowers, colours and designs. Sara at My Flower Patch says that they will then ‘create a bespoke quote and mood board for your wedding’. Once the design has been agreed upon, your florist will need the time to source vessels, sundries and additional props.

‘As your flowers need to be as fresh as possible for your wedding, we then do all the intense work of ordering, conditioning, and making your arrangements in the week leading up to your wedding.’ – Eleanor at Hibiscus and Hodge.

When selecting your florist, Kathryn at The Blossom Tree advised that ’embracing the seasonal flowers is so important whatever the colour scheme or theme, you should ensure that the florist’s natural flair and style is what’s best suited for your preferred style and look to be achieved, so that you trust your florist to add those substitutes where required’.

Your Spring wedding at Chalk Barn

Chalk Barn is surrounded by gorgeous countryside, which is the perfect setting for your Spring wedding day – whether you are wanting an indoor or outdoor ceremony. Outdoors we have our gazebo that you can decorate with your dream flowers, and inside our contemporary and neutral decor is unobtrusive to allow your chosen colour theme to shine through.

Are you considering a 2024 or 2025 Spring wedding? Come and see Chalk Barn for yourself and decide whether our contemporary barn wedding venue in Wiltshire is right for you. Get in touch here to book your bespoke private viewing.