At Chalk Barn, we continuously prioritise local in our weddings and venue, working closely with our partners to ensure that we’re supporting the incredible professionals in and around the area. But why should you incorporate local businesses into your wedding day, and how can you do it? With a host of benefits and an eco-friendly boost from staying local, you can effortlessly support small businesses throughout, while enjoying your dream day. 

Discover the benefits of going local for your wedding suppliers, along with some inspiration to get you started.

Local Wedding Florist | Chalk Barn | Wiltshire Wedding Venue
Photo credit: The Falkenburgs. Florist: Milston Flower Barn.

Why choose local wedding suppliers? 

As you dive into the world of wedding planning, it quickly becomes clear why choosing local suppliers is a wonderful idea. While some benefits are obvious, others might take you by surprise. Here are some of the reasons we love working with local wedding suppliers. 

It’s good for the economy and community

By sourcing local suppliers for your wedding, you’ll be investing your money into the local community and economy. In real terms, what does that look like? Firstly, it’ll improve employment, while also aiding fair wages. As a result, there will be more revenue spent in the local area, supporting the circular economy, as well as fostering a stronger, more vibrant community.

It reduces travel, while boosting sustainability

One clear benefit of choosing luxury wedding suppliers local to your venue is the reduction in travel. Unlike destination weddings, where suppliers may be sourced from afar, staying local can significantly reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint with a simple car journey, or even a leisurely stroll! Therefore, it’s a huge win for sustainability.

They’re familiar with the venue, grounds and local suppliers

Local wedding suppliers often have the advantage of being familiar with the venue from previous weddings. This means they know their way around, understand the best lighting, locations and styling, and can let their expertise shine even more for your special day. In addition, they may have existing established relationships with the venue staff and other local suppliers, allowing for further creative flair to your wedding through seamless collaboration.

Reduces costs

Taking travel out of the equation when staying local for your wedding suppliers eliminates additional travel expenses. Wedding suppliers often charge for mileage, public transport costs, their time travelling, and where applicable, also overnight stays. You can avoid these additional expenses and spend your money more directly on another element of your dream day by staying local with your wedding suppliers.

Wedding Table Styling | Wiltshire Wedding Venue
Photo credit: Amber Louise Photography

6 ways to incorporate local businesses into your wedding

There are countless dreamy elements and suppliers that come together to bring your vision to life on your wedding day. With this in mind, that means there are endless opportunities to support the local community and local wedding suppliers. 

Work with an independent wedding florist

An independent florist will offer you a more personal experience for your wedding. If you choose either an online florist, or someone further afield, it’s likely they can’t provide you with as much flexibility for your dream day. However, an independent, local florist will often go above and beyond to create unique arrangements bespoke to your wedding and your venue.

Find a local wedding photographer

The best part about booking a local wedding photographer that already knows the venue is? They already know the key photo spots! 

If they’ve been here before, they’ll already be familiar with the lighting of the venue and grounds, taking sunlight at key points in the day into consideration, as well as have an existing feel for the drop-dead gorgeous backdrops to snap in your wedding photography. 

Purchase your wedding dress and accessories from local boutiques

There’s something so unique and special about having your dream wedding dress and jewellery sourced locally, adding to your wedding love story. 

From finding ‘The One’ surrounded by your nearest and dearest, while hand-selecting the finest jewellery which has been locally sourced to boost the economy – all these details make your love story unique to you, allowing you to cherish every single element for years to come.

Invest in local wedding styling

Collaborating with a local wedding event stylist means one thing: crystal clear communication. By remaining local, it allows communication to flow much smoother, and the final result? Your dream vision, achieved without any stress, fuss or confusion! 

Whether you’re dreaming of floral tablescapes, endless candelabras or fairy lights galore, we’re confident they’ll deliver exactly what you’ve envisioned for your wedding day.

Serve locally sourced food and drinks

We’re passionate about sourcing our food and drink locally here at Chalk Barn. From organic wines to locally sourced ales, the drinks at your wedding can add further depth to your day. 

Allow them to add extra chapters to your wedding day, telling their own story about the location of your wedding, the venue, and of course, simply delivering divine drinks to sip late into the evening with your closest family and friends.

Entertainment, without the carbon footprint

Whether you want to get the party started with a DJ, fancy filling the dance floor with a band, lighting up the night sky with fireworks or prefer keep things light hearted with a spot of mini golf, we have a whole host of recommended local suppliers to keep yourselves, as well as your guests, entertained throughout the entire day

Bespoke invitations and wedding stationery

Art is all around us, yet we rarely source it locally. When it comes to wedding stationery, we’re huge advocates of investing in local artists. 

The best part about sourcing locally for this crucial element of your wedding? It’s usually bespoke and can be designed with your relationship and venue in mind, again, adding an extra layer of depth to your wedding day, making it an unforgettable day, for all the right reasons. Perhaps they can incorporate a site visit and hand-drawn venue plan in your wedding invitations!

Local wedding venue near you in Wiltshire

Inspiration for your dream wedding is closer than you think, and with multiple benefits. By staying local when sourcing your wedding suppliers, you can do your bit for the planet, while creating a wedding day that is unique to you and your partner. 

Need some support or suggestions when it comes to finding the perfect local wedding supplier for your wedding? From wedding photography, to florists, event styling and beyond, we’ve built undeniable relationships with a variety of suppliers. Contact us today to discuss potential local and bespoke wedding suppliers to dream your wedding dreams to life.