We’re settling down into end-of-year mode at Chalk this week. The showings are finally slowing down a bit and we can start to focus on what’s coming in 2018…

We’re bolstering our marketing efforts and planning a major showcase of the barn’s potential as a corporate space, and we’ll be expanding the events team in the New Year. Chalk Barn is such a great venue for groups that need to get away from the usual distractions and we’re doing everything we can to make that experience even better.

Events planning at Casterley Barn 

But 2018 will also see the start of a real passion project at Chalk. In January we’ll be hosting our first retreat focused on self-care, with a yoga and nutrition workshop designed to help people get the very best out of their work and home lives. Rachel has long wanted to provide an opportunity for people living the full-on modern life to slow down and reflect (having seen first-hand the effects of not taking such opportunities during her earlier career in London) and Chalk is a perfect vessel through which to do so. Rachel will be trialling some retreat ideas in the winter and soon we hope to be able to offer expert workshops on physical and nutritional health, offering help on anything from social anxiety to skincare. And when the warmer weather comes, so too will the opportunity to incorporate the farm’s beautiful waters and woodland into such retreats.

Beautiful Wiltshire from Casterley Barn 

But before that we have the farm’s Christmas party at the barn next week for 25 of Wiltshire’s finest, and a 50th birthday to help celebrate soon after. Time to deck the halls…

The Casterley Barn main events space

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