Happy Birthday!


With so much work having been done to make Chalk a first-class Wiltshire party venue, it was great to have the opportunity to really show its stuff with a 50thbirthday bash last month. Our glamorous client had personally chosen a gold, silver and teal decorative theme that blended perfectly with some of the barn’s tasteful furniture, with the flowers and balloons festooning the hall supplied by local vendors.

 Champagne reception at Casterley Barn

We welcomed guests with some themed cocktails selected by the birthday girl, including a gin and blackberry liquor offering called a Bramble. The mixologist was busy all night long, and so was the DJ – another client choice .


For food, the preference was for  food stations in the main hall rather than a sit-down dinner, which really helped keep the party atmosphere nice and lively. We had Thai and British food at the stations, and there were delicious savoury winter canapés inspired by other world cuisines.


It was just the kind of event that Chalk Barn was built for and, most importantly, our client had a great time at her birthday party. But it also gave us a bunch of new ideas. Some new lighting, bigger food stalls, more decorations – all adding to our offering as a top notch party venue! No rest for Rachel and the team then, and none for Nigel’s toolbox either…

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