Winter is a magical season to get married. From mulled wine on the lawn to cosy hot chocolate by the fire pit, there are so many comforting touches you can add to your special day to make it memorable. The winter season usually brings families and friends together, making it a great time to celebrate the happy couple and there are so many ways you could style your winter wedding. So if you’re looking for winter wedding themes to explore, keep reading.

Chalk Barn is the perfect venue for your magical winter wedding celebration. Situated amidst stunning frosty hills and countryside, our venue offers breathtaking views that can be enjoyed from the cosy comfort of our bright and inviting contemporary barn. Here are five wedding themes we’ve loved at Chalk Barn that will make your big day unforgettable.

Golden and moody minimalism for your perfect winter wedding

A golden and moody minimalist theme is a beautiful choice for a winter wedding at Chalk Barn. The warm golden tones create a romantic and intimate atmosphere that will add that magical touch to your wedding day. The use of brass candelabras can enhance the golden theme and add an elegant touch to the decor. The flickering candlelight will dance on the walls and create a magical ambiance that will leave guests in awe.

Earthy, golden tones feel natural and organic for your winter wedding
Romantic golden and moody winter wedding theme for G&J’s Chalk Barn Wedding | Photo by Stuart Dudleston

We also love the use of crisp white florals and an abundance of foliage, complementing the golden and moody theme. The foliage will add depth and texture to the decor and create a natural and organic feel. 

After the winter sun has set, you can share your first dance to the soft glow of candlelight. This will be a fairy-tale moment you will cherish forever.

Winter vibrance with a bold and daring wedding theme

We love a bold and vibrant colour theme at Chalk Barn, no matter what time of year. Winter weddings are often associated with muted and darker hues, which is a traditional look that can look beautiful, but incorporating bold and bright colours can make your special day truly stand out and surprise your guests. The contrast of the vibrant colours against the winter backdrop creates an enchanting atmosphere/ 

Bright, bold colour is not just for summer! Pinks and blues can look incredibly special against a more subtle skyline
Not just for summer! A pop of colour can be beautiful for a winter wedding | Photo by Bo Leray

Personalised menus that reflect the bold and vibrant theme can be used to tie the entire theme together and can be designed with bright colours and fonts that match the overall theme of the wedding. Colourful florals can be used throughout the venue, from the bouquet to the centrepieces, though they may be harder to source, which is something to consider, particularly if you’re looking for an eco-friendly wedding at Chalk Barn. 

While bright and bold colours may not be the most traditional approach for a winter wedding, we truly feel it can be a great way of surprising you guests and injecting colour for a gorgeous contrast to the landscape. 

Orange tones aren’t just for autumn weddings

Orange is an incredibly popular colour for wedding themes, however it’s often associated with the October/November weddings, rather than the December-February. However, an orange colour theme can be just as stunning and unique for a winter wedding at Chalk Barn. Orange is a warming colour that complements the early winter sunsets perfectly and seamlessly blends into the earthy and natural landscape of Chalk Barn. 

Imagine the rich hue of an orange sunset, paired with hints of gold and ivory throughout Chalk Barn. There are many ways to incorporate orange into your big day, such as floral arrangements, table settings, or bridesmaid dresses, this colour can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your winter wedding at Chalk Barn.

Our couple S&C used orange accents to add depth and warmth, complementing the earthy and rustic tones of the barn interior.

Autumnal tones can extend beautifully into the winter months, creating an enchanting, fairytale atmosphere. The perfect winter wedding theme
S&C’s Chalk Barn wedding with a warming orange theme, perfect for a winter wedding | Photo by Richard Skins

A white winter wonderland for your wedding day

A classic! A crisp white colour theme is a timeless choice for a winter wedding in the countryside. Not only does it reflect the pure and serene ambiance of the season, but it also complements the stunning frosty views of the Wiltshire countryside that can be seen from the comfort of the modern barn venue. 

White oozes class and elegance and will create a magical atmosphere that will make your special day unforgettable. Imagine walking down the aisle decorated with white roses, surrounded by your loved ones, while the icy views outside will add a touch of enchantment to your ceremony.

We are obsessed with H&J’s timeless white interior for their Wiltshire wedding at Chalk Barn. While this look was chosen for a bright summer day, it equally works with a bright, white winter day in the countryside. 

Crisp white wedding decor creates a gorgeous winter wonderland for your wedding day.
Crisp white wedding decor for H&J’s Wiltshire wedding at Chalk Barn | Photo by Joanna Brookes

Luxurious contrasting winter wedding decor

Finally, a luxurious wedding decor, such as monochrome or navy and gold, is an incredibly chic and sophisticated theme that is perfect for a winter wedding at Chalk Barn in 2024. The stark contrast of navy or black accents and neutral backdrops creates a sleek and contemporary aesthetic that is both timeless and elegant. 

Navy and gold table settings make for a beautiful winter wedding combination
Gorgeous navy and ivory theme from G&J’s wedding at Chalk Barn  | Photo by Jack Aldridge

The finishing touches are key when it comes to this wedding theme, and there are countless ways to incorporate them throughout the venue. We love how G&J paired gold charger plates and cutlery with a soft navy napkin and navy stationary for the ultimate wintery contrast.

Winter weddings at Chalk Barn in Wiltshire 

Winter weddings are becoming more popular and we can see why with so many gorgeous themes to choose from. From golden and moody minimalist wedding decor to a warming orange colour theme, there is a winter wedding theme to suit everyone’s taste.

Chalk Barn offers a unique and modern twist on the traditional barn wedding venue. With its floor-to-ceiling windows, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Wiltshire countryside while staying warm and cosy inside. The venue’s contemporary design, combined with the winter landscape outside, will make for a picturesque and unforgettable wedding day. 

If you’re still looking for the perfect venue for your winter wedding, arrange your private viewing with us at Chalk Barn. We look forward to welcoming you to our venue!