Recently engaged? Huge congratulations to you and your future husband/wife! If you’ve done your research, you’ll know that your wedding day will fly by in the blink of an eye, for you and your other half at least. For others, while you’re running around the venue saying hello and dancing with everyone you love, there will be times where a little bit of entertainment is required. Luckily, there are so many creative and brilliant wedding entertainment options to entertain your guests and keep everyone laughing and joyous. 

If your aim is to have your wedding the wedding of the year, here are 10 ways to entertain your guests all day and night long. 

Image of S&C with fireworks by Richard Skins Photography
Image by Richard Skins Photography – Wedding S&C

Wedding entertainment ideas for your Wiltshire wedding

1. Everyone loves live music 

This one might seem a little obvious, but live music is an excellent choice if you want to have everyone truly immersed in your Wiltshire wedding. From romantic acoustic guitarists to jazz bands, live music creates atmosphere and beautifully reverberates around a modern barn venue like Chalk Barn. 

Further, with the open plan space available at Chalk Barn, the possibilities for setting up your music and dancing are endless. Our Wiltshire barn wedding venue offers plenty of room for a band to set up their equipment and get the party started. Whether you lean towards a string quartet, a jazz trio, or a high-energy cover band – live music can create an unforgettable atmosphere that will keep your guests dancing all night long.

2. Dazzle your guests with sparklers

Light up the night sky and dazzle your guests with a stunning fireworks display or let them create their own magical moments with sparklers. If you opt for a ‘yes venue’ that is open to your creative ideas and has the open countryside space to not disturb neighbours, fireworks and sparklers are a magical way to entertain your guests (particularly the little ones!) at your Wiltshire wedding. 

Making for the perfect grand finale to your wedding reception, or even a way to get introduce the party as you move from day to night, fireworks and sparklers can create a truly memorable experience. 

Many couples at Chalk Barn opt to include fireworks or sparklers on their wedding day. Unlike other wedding venues, we are situated within 5000 acres of farmland, meaning we can run firework displays without any complaints. Further, the drastic contrast of the pitch-back sky and sparklers make for epic wedding photos with your bridal parties. 

Image by The Falkenbergs – Wedding J&B

3. Snap the night away

This always goes down a treat! A wedding photobooth with props is a super fun and interactive way to entertain your guests at your Wiltshire wedding, and our wedding venue Chalk Barn is the perfect location to host it. 

Your guests can strike a pose with silly hats, glasses, and other props, and capture the memories of your special day on camera. Not only does a photobooth keep your tipsy guests laughing and having fun, but it also serves as a unique wedding favour that your guests can take home with them in a printable format, to stick on their fridge for months to come. 

Even better, leave a guest book and some glue next to your photobooth, so that your guests can create a unique guest book you can keep as a momento!

Image by Joanna Brooks Photography – Wedding H&J

4. Connect over games on the lawn

While you know everyone in the room, your guests might not know each other. Lawn games are the perfect ‘two birds one stone’ for helping your guests mingle as the day progresses. From Connect Four to Twister or Giant Jenga, lawn games are always popular and are child friendly too.

With our wedding venue’s gorgeous lawns and panoramic views of the Wiltshire countryside, you can set up a variety of games that will appeal to guests of all ages, in a stunning setting! Not only do lawn games provide a fun activity for guests to enjoy, but they also create a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere that is perfect for a summer wedding. 

Chalk Barn provide endless fun for children at weddings

5. Get the party started with a DJ

Even if you opt for live music throughout your day or evening, a DJ can really help signify the start of the party. From classic wedding tunes to party lighting, hiring a DJ for your Wiltshire wedding will ensure to keep everyone on the dance floor. 

At Chalk Barn, our spacious barn venue is perfect for hosting a big party. With plenty of room for dancing, dining, and socialising, your guests will have a wonderful time celebrating your special day. 

Image by Love of Mine Co

6. Magical moments 

If you want your guests to be speaking of your wedding for years to come, a magician can really bring something unique to the table. Not only do they provide an element of surprise that’ll have you guests dropping their jaws, they also add a layer of excitement and engagement to your guests as your magician interacts with your family and friends. 

You could also add a touch of glamour with a casino table and host, inspiring some competition amongst your guests as they do their best to keep their best tipsy poker faces. 

We’ve got plenty of ideas ‘up our sleeves’ to help you bring magical moments to you special day at Chalk Barn. Speak to our team about making your wedding day ‘beautifully bespoke, exclusively yours’. 

7. Honour your heritage 

Wedding days are becoming more modern with every year, and sometimes current trends overpower the bride and groom’s heritage or cultural significance. Including a cultural performance or element that honours your heritage is a beautiful way to celebrate, involve your friends and family and pay respect to your family roots. 

With Chalk Barn’s minimalist decor and open space, you can decorate as desired or put on a performance that shines a light on your backgrounds and how you cultures have met and combined. 

8. Get them involved with interactive food stations

While we do have an incredible team of in-house chefs at Chalk Barn, we are always open to your other ideas around food, particularly in the evening. Interactive food stations are a fun – and sometimes messy – way to entertain your guests at your Wiltshire wedding. 

From a DIY taco bar to a dessert station with a variety of toppings and sweets, the possibilities are endless and something your guest will always remember. Not only does it break up the traditional sit-down meal format, but it also allows guests to mingle and create their own unique culinary experiences! 

Image by Amber Louise Photography

9. Aerial performers, fire dancers or singing waiters

Thrill your guests with aerial performers, fire dancers or singing waiters. Completely unique and often quite rare, these experiences elevate your wedding one step further from a more traditional wedding set up. 

With our flexibility and commitment to saying “yes” to our couples’ requests, we make it easy to incorporate exciting and memorable entertainment into your wedding celebration. Whether you choose to have aerial performers soaring above your reception or fire dancers lighting up the night, your guests are sure to be talking about your wedding for years to come.

10. Wedding games bespoke to you 

Everyone loves games that involve the bride and groom! You could try a ‘pub quiz’ about you as a couple or wedding-themed trivia – personalised games help people connect and can break the ice between guests who may not know each other well, creating lasting memories for everyone involved. 

Best of all, personalised games can be tailored to your unique personalities and interests, making them a truly special addition to your Wiltshire wedding at Chalk Barn.

Image by Richard Skins Photography

Book your private viewing of our Wiltshire wedding venue

There are countless ways to entertain your guests at your Wiltshire wedding and we love hearing all your ideas bespoke to you and your fiance. By incorporating unique and exciting entertainment into your wedding day, you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime. 

If you’re looking for a stunning venue to bring your vision to life, look no further than Chalk Barn. We are a ‘yes’ venue – we’ll say ‘yes’ to your suggestions as frequently as we can. Our team of in-house wedding specialists will work with you to create a truly unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Contact us today to arrange a viewing and begin planning the wedding of your dreams.