Just got engaged? Congratulations on your engagement from all of us at Chalk Barn! 

Now, before you spring to Pinterest and Instagram and get overwhelmed with wedding planning, take a moment to read our 10 things to do post-engagement to ensure you start your wedding planning of on the right foot.

Relish the moment

Wherever the proposal happened, you probably found yourself lingering longer than you usually would have, holding hands, admiring the ring and discussing your relationship. Even once you have physically moved on, you can still relish the moment. Take photos and selfies, listen to your song on repeat, and don’t start the heavy wedding planning just yet. 

Make the most of being fiancĂ© and fiancĂ©e (I bet you probably had to google the difference when you first got engaged), enjoy the frequent trips down memory lane of your relationship and take the time to absorb the news. 

Call your loved ones

Skip this one if you’re keeping your engagement private between the two of you for a while – we love this idea to really enjoy your engagement bubble, but good luck hiding the ring and your Cheshire-cat grins. Or perhaps everyone special to you was present for the proposal!

But, for most couples, before you make the big announcement on social media, you will find yourself dropping in on friends and family to share the news and calling those you can’t tell in person. 

Insure your ring 

Ok this one is a tad boring, but not every moment of engagement can be the most romantic thing you’ve ever seen. But sometimes despite every effort, the engagement ring isn’t the right size (side note – add this to your to-do list if your ring does need resizing) and can often slip off, or be misplaced when taken off to do the gardening for example. 

You may want to buy specific engagement ring insurance, or you might add it onto your house contents insurance, either way they aren’t typically a large cost in the world of weddings. 

Time to celebrate

This will be very personal to each couple, while some will enjoy a lavish engagement party, others may prefer something more intimate with just immediate family. Some may even opt to have multiple celebrations across different friendship circles and family units. 

However you decide to celebrate your engagement, make sure that you do take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate this milestone in your lives together. 

Set a budget

This may be one of the more uncomfortable parts of planning your wedding, after all we are no one enjoys discussing the money. But, it is imperative that you sit down as a couple and discuss your realistic budget for the wedding. 

If any family members are offering to contribute towards your wedding, you will also need them to set out exactly how much they’re willing to contribute. The chat might be awkward, but nowhere near as awkward as assuming an amount and being mistaken. 

Once you have an overall budget in mind, you can assign this accordingly and answer many related questions such as venue, wedding date, guest numbers and even your wedding dress budget. 

Decide on a rough date

You may know exactly when you want to get married, perhaps you have a date of significance to you as a couple? Or, you might have no idea whatsoever and will need to decide this together. Venue and supplier pricing can differ based on the day of the week and time of year, so it is a good idea to try and settle a rough date, such as a spring Friday, before proceeding with your plans. If autumn or winter weddings are likely, then you know to consider indoor ceremony options when exploring wedding venues. Likewise, if you’re set on an outdoor wedding then give yourself the best chance of success by picking a physically sunny month.

If budget constraints are likely, then it’s best to discuss as a couple how flexible you are willing to be on date. For example, you may ideally want a summer Saturday wedding, but when you fall in love with a venue out of your budget you may be willing to swap to a mid-week wedding, or an autumn wedding

outdoor wedding ceremony in wiltshire
Outdoor wedding ceremony at Chalk Barn, Wiltshire | Image by Stuart Dudleston

Get yourself a wedding planner

Even if you personally love s spreadsheet, it is a good idea to invest in a wedding planner or download a wedding plan app such as Bridebook. While both assist you with arranging your wedding, they do differ – so much so that it probably wouldn’t hurt to have both! 

For the person who is obsessed with stationary, thrives with a tick list and needs somewhere to jot down notes on venue viewings, a physical wedding planner may be best for you. Whereas, if you would rather have a selection of venues and suppliers at your fingertips, then apps such as Bridebook can be a lifesaver. 

Discuss guest numbers

Before you can progress your wedding plans, you will need to know a rough idea of guest numbers to allow you to narrow down the list of potential wedding venues suitable for your wedding size. This will also allow you to set a realistic catering budget and to predict other costings. 

Even if you’re undecided, it is a good idea to at least know your minimum guest numbers. Even if you and your partner are still debating the rest of the guest list, knowing the essential guest numbers will ensure you are not viewing venues too intimate for your guest numbers. 

Start viewing wedding venues

This is one part of wedding planning you have probably been itching to do. You may have scouted out your dream venue as a guest to another wedding, or perhaps you have never given it a minutes thought before being engaged. 

As a couple, discuss the rough aesthetic and atmosphere you are both wanting for your wedding. Will you be having a church ceremony? If so, ensure you are looking for venues within a reasonable distance of your church, or any church if you aren’t set on a specific one.

Or, will you be having a civil ceremony at the venue? If this is the case you’ll be on the lookout for licensed venues. Are you dreaming of an indoor or outdoor ceremony? Do you like the shabby-chic vintage theme, or are you looking for a more minimalist modern venue? All these questions will need to be thought about to narrow down the mountain of wedding venues available in the UK.

Use your wedding planner or a spreadsheet to keep track of the venues you have enquired with, including key information such as capacity, price, catering and so on. This will help you to keep track of all the venues and to create a shortlist ready for viewings. 

modern barn wedding venue in wiltshire
Chalk Barn modern wedding venue

And breathe

Unless you’re planning a last-minute wedding, now is the time to take a breather. Of course, if you fall in love with a venue and you’re in a position to proceed with booking then go for it! 

But, if you have more than 12 months until your chosen date then there is no need to rush into booking the finer details like confetti and wedding cake. The best is yet to come, from wedding dress shopping to cake tasting, take your time and enjoy your engagement bubble. Take one step at a time and don’t try to do it all at once. Remember to appreciate being engaged and don’t allow yourself to get stressed over such a joyous occasion. 

Chalk Barn

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